Donetsk, Mar 1 – DAN. DPR is to launch civilian volunteer patrols to assists law enforcement authorities, said the head of the Central Executive Committee of the Donetsk Republic social movement Alexey Muratov.

"Today, DPR announces re-establishment of civilian volunteer patrols. Support police, or neighborhood watch, is not a substitution of the state law enforcement, but an opportunity for activists to support police efforts in building a safe, law-based environment."

Muratov said that support patrols will assist police officers in keeping public order, organizing security at sport events. Any physically fit DPR citizen with strong sport achievements record and of at least 18 years of age is eligible to join support patrols.

Civilian petrol members will be issued IDs after a month-long probation.

The idea of bringing back civilian support patrols belongs to a Russian Sambo 'Master of Sport', World Cup prize-winner, professional mixed martial arts fighter Vladislav Mikhailishin.

"One of the ideological pillars of civilian support patrols is sport, as it influences all spheres of life," he said.

Volunteer civilian patrols were a traditional form of neighborhood watch assisting police in maintaining order and law, border or enterprises security.*ot