Donetsk, Feb 7 (DAN) - Donetsk People’s Republic authorities will allocate 504 apartments to residents who lost their homes during the fighting in Donbass, DPR Head Domestic Policy Department chief Olga Pozdnyakova told reporters on Thursday.

“It is planned to allocate 504 apartments pursuant to orders by DPR Head Denis Pushilin to provide housing to people who lost their homes during the fighting,” Pozdnyakova said.

DPR Construction and Public Utilities deputy minister Vitaliy Kizhayev said that some 31 million rubles were needed to renovate these apartments.

In the course of a live question and answer session with DPR Head Denis Pushilin on December 27, 2018, residents asked more than 2,000 questions; some of them addressed the provision of housing. Pushilin said that he had tasked the Construction Ministry and local administrations with handling the issue.*jk