Donetsk, Sep 28 – DAN. New subjects have appeared on the DPR school curriculum, such as the Basics of Religious Cultures and Secular Ethics, Ecology, Russia in the World, the Ministry of Education and Science said.

"Some disciplines changed names or subject matter, some new appeared on the curriculum. The Basics of Religious Cultures is introduced in primary school, it comprises six modules."

Apart from the Orthodox tradition schoolchildren will be introduced to Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and essential secular ethics. The Ministry said the course focuses on cultural aspects rather than religious ones. It can be taught partially following the decision of parents or caregivers.

Fundamentals of Health and Safety is going to be taught during 5th-9th years, Ecology – 10th-11th years. A comprehensive course of Natural History as well as Russia in the World are among new disciplines.

A mandatory Individual Project course is aimed at teaching students planning, presentation and implementation of academic research skills.

"These innovations, on the one hand, will require a high level of motivation from the teacher and students, readiness for self-education, ensuring active interaction in the educational process. On the other hand, they will ensure the competitiveness of the DPR educational system and enhance the quality of education”, - the Ministry said.*ot