Donetsk, Aug 19 – DAN. DPR has repaired more than 1,300 railway infrastructural facilities, the Ministry of Transport said.

"As of August 1, the number of facilities damaged in military action amounted to 1,635; 1,306 have been restored."

Among the damaged objects were buildings, railway stations, railways, contact networks, etc.

The Donetsk Railways company has also restored the Debaltsevo railway station, one third of which has been badly damaged during the war. The Uglegorsk ralway station is expected to be relaunched by November. By the end of 2019, the Ministry plans to restore over 200 railway facilities.

Passenger trains departed from the Donetsk railway station on Monday for the first time since 2014 when traffic was brought to a halt due to military action and shelling from the Ukrainian side.*ot