Donetsk, Dec 19 — DAN. The Russian World project to provide satellite TV equipment to residents for free has been launched in the Donetsk People’s Republic, DPR Acting Information Minister Igor Antipov told the Donetsk News Agency on Monday.

“We’ve launched a new TV broadcasting project called ‘Russian World’ to provide access to Russian television free of charge, ” Antipov said. “The package of 40 channels includes all local channels, federal channels etc.”

The equipment (satellite dish and receiver), its installation and maintenance are provided for free, he added. The service is available to all residents upon request which has to be placed with local authorities.

“Applicants fill in the form provided by the administration stating their name, phone number and address.  The applications are submitted to local administrations which pass them to our ministry. After application approval, engineers will come to install the equipment, ” Antipov said.

The project is supported by the All Russia People’s Front presidential movement.

T2 digital television broadcasting was disrupted in the DPR in the summer as the Ukrainian army shelled broadcasting facilities in Donetsk. Television broadcasting was restored in the DPR capital and adjacent areas later on, but it never reached its full capacity. For example, viewers in several Makeyevka areas can only watch ten out of 40-odd channels. *jk