Donetsk, Jan 24 - DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic rescuers and militiamen drilled an ammonia leak relief operation at the state-owned enterprise Stirol in the frontline Gorlovka, the Emergencies Ministry press service reported on Thursday.

“Under the plan of the command and staff exercise on Stirol premises in Gorlovka on January 23, 2019, a 56-ton railway tank with liquid ammonia depressurised, and the Ministry’s emergency services with its Gorlovka unit were alerted to carry out a rescue operation jointly with militia,” the press service said.

The DPR militia contributed a radiological, chemical and biological defence unit and engineers. The drill checked company personnel and town residents’ readiness for evacuation and rehearsed the relief operation procedure and medical assistance.

Earlier, DPR services drilled a rescue operation after a gas explosion in a five-storey house in Donetsk’s frontline Kievskiy district. Rescuers later launched a mobile medical centre at the Emergencies Ministry centre in Donetsk’s Leninskiy district.

In December 2018, DPR Head Denis Pushilin made public the intelligence reports on Ukraine’s plans to carry out subversive operation at environmentally hazardous Donbass companies and blame the DPR for the accidents. The DPR State Security Ministry published a list of chemical companies in Donbass and Ukraine which were likely to be targeted by Kiev. On January 18, the DPR leader noted the importance of scheduled militia drills in the light of the ongoing Ukrainian agression.*jk