Makeyevka, Dec 27 – DAN. DPR Emergencies Ministry reopened the fire station in Makeyevka which has been out of operation for seven years.

Emergencies Minister Aleksey Kostrubitskiy, local administration officials and delegations from Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Russia’s Samara region attended the launch event in Chervonogvardeiskiy district in western Makeyevka.

“We’re opening the 52nd fire station established in Soviet times and shut down by Ukraine due to lack of funding. The building became rundown over these years. However, the facility is fully restored now. You’ll work and serve the Republic here, but I wish you as little work as possible,” the minister said addressing the firefighters.

After the line-up, the minister presented firemen with a plasma television. After a traditional ribbon cutting ceremony the fire station was announced open.

The guests were taken on a tour around the premises to see service space and fire-fighting equipment. Photos of the building before restoration were displayed as well.

“It is a benchmark event; we’re rebuilding what has been running down for years. We’re happy to see that part of hardware is new Russian equipment. The Russian Federation continues to provide DPR Emergencies Ministry personnel with essentials for their work,” Russian Federation Council member Sergey Mamedov said.

Makeyeka’s 52nd fire station was established back in 1989. Cash-strapped Ukrainian authorities shut it down in 2010, and the building became rundown.

DPR Emergencies Ministry overhauled it in 2016. It plans to launch another fire station in Nizhnyaya Krynka village east of Makeyevka.
DPR marks Rescuer’s Day on 27 December, established by DPR Head Aleksandr Zakharchenko’s decree dated 10 December 2014. *jk