Donetsk, Mar 31 - DAN. The first coronavirus infection case has been diagnosed in the Donetsk People’s Republic, DPR Healthcare Minister Olga Dolgoshapko said at a press briefing in Donetsk on Tuesday.

"On March 31, the DPR recorded the first COVID-19 case which was confirmed by a testing laboratory,” Dolgoshapko said.

The contact is a DPR resident who arrived with her husband and son from Moscow on March 19, she added.

The woman felt ill on March 24 and called the Healthcare Ministry hotline on March 29. She was hospitalised to a hospital infection disease unit. The patient showed such symptoms as high temperature (37.4 degrees), general feeling of being unwell, cough, sore throat, loss of the sense of smell and nausea. She was in stable condition on the third day of medical supervision; her body temperature was normal.

“The patient is receiving the necessary treatment,” the minister said.

On March 14, the DPR went on high alert in connection with the threat of the coronavirus infection. DPR Head Denis Pushilin said on March 27 that the Republic might declare a state of emergency if specialists diagnosed COVID-19 cases.*jk