Donetsk, Dec 13 - DAN. Donbass Post released a souvenir sheet, a stamp and an envelope in the run-up to Journalists Remembrance Day, the press service of the state-owned enterprise said on Thursday.

“Remembrance Day of Journalists killed in the line of duty is observed annually on December 15. Donbass Post put in circulation a souvenir sheet, a postage stamp and first day envelope and stamp in memory of the killed journalists,” the press service said.

The souvenir sheet shows a camera held in hands with the inscription below “Truth at the cost of life.” The stamp in the right part depicts a smashed camera lens, a helmet, a bullet-proof vest, a notepad and a pen. Two carnations and a candle as grief symbols complete the design.

The print runs for the 60-ruble mark and eight-ruble envelope, are respectively, 6,000 and 1,000 copies.

International Journalist Remembrance Day is marked on December 15. It was introduced by the Russian Union of Journalists in 1991 after Serbian gunmen killed USSR State Television and Radio Company reporters Viktoria Nogina and Gennady Kurinny in the Hrvatska Kostajnica town area.*jk