Donetsk, Jan 19 – DAN. DPR state company Donetsk Railroad set up a crew of 760-plus people to remove snow from the rails and infrastructure, the press service of the transport ministry said.

"Donetsk Railroad organized snow removal operations and set up a team of over 760 workers who cleared the total of 3.5 thousand locations," the ministry said, naming platforms, aprons, crossings and bridges, service passages and over 2,300 switches among the infrastructure cleared of snow and ice.

The measures proved to be efficient notwithstanding the severe weather conditions dominating the region.

A dozen of mechanized equipment pieces were sent to the locations affected by snowfalls.

Weather conditions deteriorated on January 15, Donetsk being hit with 10 cm of snow in a day. Cities and towns across the DPR send several hundred equipment pieces and public services workers to clean up streets every day.*ot