Donetsk, Jul 5 – DAN. DPR bakeries produced over 4,000 tons of 'social bread' since the beginning of 2017, said DPR Ministry of Economic Development.

"Since January to May 2017 DPR bakeries produced over 4,000 tons of 'social bread'."

The Ministry said that a 500g loaf of 'social bread' is baked of 1st grade flour or a 1st or 2nd grade mixture without sugar, fats, baking powder and fillers, and it costs 9 Rubles per a loaf.

Social bread accounted for 18-20 pc of the total production in 2015-2016; in 2017 its contribution was at 15pc. The Ministry said the reduction was due to higher incomes and the shrink of demand for such bread.

The project Bringing Social Bread to Every House was initiated by the DPR Ministry of Economic Development in 2015; the bread is available across DPR in Urozhai network of 60 shops, First Republican Supermarket 50 outlets, and 100 other trade spots across DPR. *ot