Donetsk, Nov 15 – DAN. DPR police has inspected more than 300 retailers, enterprises, and organizations to make sure they follow anti-epidemic regulations, the Ministry of Interior said.

"Over the past week, policemen carried out inspections of more than 310 retailers, enterprises, and organizations. The police issued 143 administrative protocols for violations of anti-epidemic measures and requirements aimed at curbing the epidemic.

Of those, 10 protocols concerned private entrepreneurs and officials.

In addition, 113 warnings were issued.

Extraordinary measures have been in place across the DPR since spring 2020 as the new COVID-19 pandemic engulfed the world. The restriction have been reinforced on October 25. Entertainment venues are ordered closed, as well as restaurants and cafés. Theatres, libraries, concert venues and clubs can operate on condition of 50pc attendance of their capacity. *ot