Donetsk, Nov 9 - DAN. A ceremony to unveil a bust sculpture of revolutionary, Soviet statesman and politician Felix Dzerzhinsky took place on Tuesday on the premises of the Donetsk Interior Ministry Academy in Donetsk which bears his name.

“For all of us, Dzerzhinsky’s words that ‘A real chekist (police officer) must have a cold mind, a hot heart and clean hands’ have been the key principle and motto to perform our duties,” Donetsk People’s Republic Deputy Interior Minister Dmitry Tareyev said in his address to Academy students and personnel on the occasion.

Tareyev took part in the bust sculpture unveiling and flower-laying ceremony together with DPR First Deputy Education and Science Minister Lyubov Volkova and Academy rector Oleg Berest.

The event which took place ahead of Police and Internal Affairs Servicemen's Day in the Republic, ended with a march of students and officers on the Academy parade ground and an award-giving ceremony for Academy staff.

The Donetsk Interior Ministry Academy was established on the premises of the former Donetsk Law School on June 3, 2015. It was named after Felix Dzerzhinsky in September 2021. *jk