Donetsk, Mar 29 - DAN. Donetsk’s main water reservoir has become shallow and can only be used for slightly more than a month, Donetsk People’s Republic Emergencies Minister Alexey Kostrubitsky said on Tuesday.

“The water supply situation is difficult; a decision has been made to reduce water supply. In Donetsk, water will be supplied for two hours within a 48-hour period; this schedule will enable the reservoir to last for 35 to 40 days; otherwise the city will run out of water in two weeks,” Kostrubitsky said on Russia 24 news channel. “During this time, we plan to build supply lines from alternative sources.”

The Seversky Donets - Donbass canal is de-energised through Ukraine’s fault and DPR specialists have no opportunity to carry out repairs, he added.

The DPR began to have water supply problems after Ukrainian forces delivered strikes at key water supply facilities. The Republic suspended or reduced water supply in a number of settlements. For example, water is supplied from 19:00 to 21:00 every other day in Donetsk and from 18:00 to 21:00 every three days in Makeyevka. *jk