Donetsk, Nov 26 – DAN. Declaration of Martial Law in Ukraine shall affect first and foremost its average citizens, some consequences might be felt by DPR residents, a DPR MP, head of parliamentary committee for security issues Alexander Kurenkov said.

Ukraine’s President Petr Poroshenko proposed on Monday night that parliament declare martial law in the country following the provocation in the Black Sea staged by Kiev. On Sunday, two Ukrainian amoured artillery vessels and a tug boat illegally entered Russian territorial waters and began manoeuvring dangerously and ignoring instructions with the aim of stirring up tensions in a staged attempt to break-through into the Azov Sea through the Kerch Strait. Russian military was forced to attack and seize three navy ships to re-establish security at a busiest strait.

"The limitations imposed by the martial law will affect residents of Kiev-controlled territories. Martial law allows for property expropriation, tightening censorship, uncompensated conscription to work for the state, cancellation of elections, etc. DPR and LPR residents will avoid the major blow, though incidents at checkpoints involving car seizure, blackmailing and extortion might multiply," Kurenkov said.

He said the number of shelling incidents might also increase.
"Poroshenko's presidency is at stake (as the [residential election is scheduled for March 2019), and he faces a lot of work to justify all the violence that shall befall people and the country after the martial law is declated."

Martial law is brought in all over the state or in designated areas in accordance with the bill "On the Legal Regime of Martial Law". Martial law would provide military authorities and leadership with greater and unlimited power, while restricting civil liberties such as public gatherings, media freedoms and free movement. *ot