Donetsk, Nov 9 - DAN. DPR Social Insurance Fund has paid almost RUB 875 mln (USD13.8 mln) of compensations for the loss of health (regress payments or workers' compensations), the Fund's chairman told DAN.

"Social Insurance Fund this year has alloted RUB 874.6 mln for regress payments for DPR residents," Vladimir Arnov said that since the beginning of 2016 the number of beneficiaries have grown by 16 percent, the allotted sum growing proportionally. The majority of people receive payments in DPR Central Bank offices.

"Last month payments amounted to RUB 106.6 mln with 35 thousand beneficiaries, in November we plan to provide RUB 108 mln of payments," he explained.

Under the Work Injury Compensation suits
Compensations for the loss of health (regress payments) are paid under the work injury compensation suits to reimburse a worker for injuries or a loss of health in the course of employment, for example osteochondrosis or HAVS that miners often suffer.