Donetsk, Nov 11 – DAN. DPR urged Kiev to eradicate corruption at Ukrainian checkpoints along the contact line, the Republic's representative in the Contact Group working group on humanitarian issues said, commenting the Nov.9 meeting.

"It is no secret, that the system of crossing the contact line through checkpoint is corrupt," Daria Morozova's statement reads. "I emphasized that the Ukrainian side has to influence the fight against corruption at their checkpoints , because the pensioners, who have to cross the division line to receive their legally granted pension payments, can hardly afford those huge bribes, they are being demanded."

The Ukrainian representatives have also promised to increase the checked baggage allowance to be taken across the line, she said.

"If the Ukrainian representatives are really interested in reducing social tensions, they will keep at least this promise."

"Yet our side has not received any answer to the official proposal on the exchange. Our opponents keep manipulating the lists of illegally detained persons, Ukrainian side rejects to confirm the exchange lists," Morozova said.

As was reported earlier, Kiev ignored the request to set free injured and severely ill detainees.