Donetsk, Sep 13 - DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic began the modernisation of a key high-voltage line between the DPR and Russia in the Shakhyorsk district in the east of the Republic, the DPR Coal and Energy Ministry press service said on Friday.

“The modernisation of the 330 kW Rostovskaya - Yuzhnaya line is underway in the DPR’s Shakhtyorsk district,” the report said. “It is one of the key lines linking our Republic’s energy system with the Russian Federation.”

The Ministry said that several towers had been damaged during the fighting in the summer of 2014. Specialists worked out a project and purchased the necessary materials. The obsolete towers will be replaced with anchor and angle tension towers.

The modernisation is expected to finish on September 22. It is planned to launch the line by early October, after a series of pre-commissioning works, the press service quoted head of the State Power Grid Company Line Service Andrey Nosov as saying.

DPR-produced equipment and construction materials were used in the modernisation project which was developed by the Donbass Energy company.  A Lugansk People’s Republic company is a project contractor.

Earlier, the DPR government, by its resolution, recognised the LPR and Russian licences to carry out construction, assembly, planning and surveying works in the Republic’s territory. The document provides for hiring Russian and LPR companies to work at the country’s energy facilities.*jk