Donetsk, Sep 12 - DAN. DPR metallurgical sector companies have sold more than RUR 20 billion worth of products since the beginning of this year, the Republic’s Industry and Trade Ministry press service told Donetsk News Agency on Tuesday.

“According to preliminary information, metallurgical, coking and metal working enterprises’ sales have reached over 20 billion rubles since the beginning of this year,” the press service said.

In the first seven months of 2017, the republic produced more than 630,000 tons of cast iron, over 490,000 tons of steel, some 350,000 tons of finished steel and more than 630,000 tons of coke.

In late February 2017, metallurgical companies suspended or scaled down production due to Ukraine-imposed economic blockade, but later resumed and even increased their output as DPR leadership introduced external management.

“The volume of sales jumped ten-fold in May compared with April; in June, it increased by 41 percent from the previous month and in July it rose by another 20 percent,” the Ministry said.

The Khartsyzsk Silur steel wire and rope plant, and Arksel and Donbass-Liberty metal working enterprises resumed operation in 2017. Enakievo metallurgical plant Affiliate No 2 began blowing-in of the 2nd blast furnace on 15 August aiming to boost the output of cast iron, steel and rolled steel.*jk