Donetsk, Mar 6 – DAN. The DPR People's Council has amended the Constitution making  Russian the sole official language of the DPR.

DPR Head Denis Pushilin proposed earlier to make Russian the sole official language of the Republic.

"The lawmakers have passed the draft law through two readings given that the document is aimed at protecting and supporting Russian as a state language. The document will be forwarded to Pushilin for signing.

Depriving Ukrainian of official status does not discriminate it as a household language or language of pre-school, elementary and middle education, the Head's representative in the People's Council Alexey Sukhinin said.

"At the same time, making Russian the official language shall contribute to the expansion and enrichment of the state's spiritual culture, strengthening of inter-state ties. The intensity of integrational processes happening between the DPR and Russia must be taken into account when it comes to establishing the Republic's state language in the current circumstances.

"He also noted that Russian language is one of the world languages and one of the UN and UNESCO six official languages."*ot