Donetsk, Aug 9 – DAN. DPR and LPR joint efforts will help activating the search for missing persons, said DPR Ombudsman Daria Morozova.

"We must activate all our reserves to find those missing. With this exact purpose we have established the Interministerial Commission on Search for Missing Persons and Location of Burial Sites."

The similar body has been established in the LPR.

"We have wast opportunities for cooperation," Morozova said.

"I am sure that systematic approach and joint efforts will help us to identify the location of missing persons and to commemorate the memory of the victims."

DPR said earlier that its list of missing persons comprised 354 names.

The Interministerial Commission and Working Group for Searching Burial Sites of Victims of Ukrainian Aggression were established in the DPR and LPR on August 6 and July 20, respectively. The group is also to look for missing persons and to commemorate the memory of the victims.

The DPR Comission is led by Morozova, her LPR counterpart is Anna Soroka. *ot