Donetsk, Mar 18 – DAN. DPR has changed school attendance rules making home schooling possible if parents chose to keep their children away from public places, deputy chairman of the Government Vladimir Antonov said.

"No cases of COVID-19 have been registered in the DPR. We will be discussing the situation at the meeting with the DPR Head today. School attendance will not be mandatory during the next three days, after that vacations begin. In case other measures are needed we will consider further restrictions."

DPR has been on high alert since March 14. Border control authorities have introduced 24/7 shifts of experts who monitor travelers for COVID-19 symptoms.

Travelers returning from most affected countries (Ukraine, China, Spain, Italy, Iran, Korea, France and Germany) are required to self-isolate at their homes for 14 days.

No cases of coronavirus have been registered in the DPR.

Latest updates show that more than 190,000 people are infected across the globe; the majority of cases are registered in China, Italy, South Korea, Iran. Nearly 8,000 people have died. *ot