Donetsk, Aug 13 - DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic is modernising the infrastructure of three crossing points on the contact line with Kiev-controlled areas, the Republic’s Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Minister Sergey Naumets said on Tuesday.

“Modernisation is underway at three border and customs checkpoints. Concrete laying has been completed in Elenovka and prefabricated offices for borderguards and customs have been brought to the site," Naumets said. "Furniture is being delivered, auto barriers and lighting are being installed, and the organisation of pedestrian zones is nearing completion.”

In Alexandrovka, land works are 90 percent complete and pylons have been put up for installing power lines, he added.

“Gorlovka is the third settlement where the upgrade was launched; land works began last week,” the minister said.

The DPR launched crossing points modernisation in June 2019 starting with “Elenovka.”  The other crossing points on the contact line with Kiev-controlled areas are “Gorlovka,” “Alexandrovka” and “Oktyabr.” *jk