Donetsk, Oct 28 – DAN. The DPR Ministry of Emergencies stands ready to unfold its mobile hospital within the shortest time possible if the epidemic situation deteriorates, the ministry's press service said.

"In case the sanitary-epidemic situation deteriorates due to the spread of the coronavirus infection and growing number of patients, the mobile hospital can be deployed by the Ministry of Emergencies within the shortest time possible. It will ease the burden on medical facilities by increasing the number of available beds and providing urgent medical aid," the statement reads.

The mobile hospital can be ready within several hours upon arrival to its destination point.

A comprehensive two-day drill of emergency services kicked off today, aimed at training the deployment of a mobile hospital. With 250 beds capacity, it is able to triage patients, provide urgent aid, prepare patients for evacuation. It is capable to house 100 non-transportable patients. *ot