Donetsk, Apr 13 - DAN. DPR and Russian regions have bolstered their humanitarian ties since the beginning of 2017; 64 joint events were held in November-December 2016, while in the first quarter of this year their number reached 124.

The figures were cited by DPR Theatre Workers Union chairwoman Natalia Volkova at a session of the Russian Federation Council Committee for Public Support of Residents in South-Eastern Ukraine on Thursday.

“Joint health care and research programmes were added this year to traditional contacts in education, culture and mass media,” Volkova said.

The DPR representative noted the significance of methodological assistance provided by Russian colleagues. “Joint workshops have proved very useful, especially in education and health care,” she said. “As of today, every DPR college has framework agreements with Russian partner colleges.”

DPR Thesis Boards and Russian scientists have launched joint work, facilitated by Moscow’s recognition of DPR education certificates. “It is crucial for us to support the development of health care in such priority fields as cardiology, oncology, obstetrics and prosthetics. DPR conducts extensive research in various fields, as was the case in peaceful time, attaching great significance to the establishment of close ties with Russian researchers, Volkova said.

After her report, she passed to the Committee members a 2Q 2017 Action Plan listing more than 200 joint events with Russia.

Federation Council Deputy Speaker Yuri Vorobyov said deep cultural relations between regions could guarantee the consolidation of our peoples for all times and preclude their confrontation or separation. *jk