Donetsk, Dec 27 - DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic government on Thursday said that it would cancel the customs duty on third country goods imported from the Lugansk People’s Republic on the condition of their free circulation in the LPR.

“The government amended Resolution No 4-9 dated March 27, 2017 on the procedure for the  movement of goods across the administrative border between the DPR and LPR,” the government press service said.

It said that the document made third country goods imported from the LPR exemptible from customs duty on the condition that the goods had previously circulated in the LPR freely and the customs duties on them had been paid to the local budget.

In a separate resolution, the DPR government cancelled restrictions on the entry of foodstuffs brought by LPR residents for their personal use. “The project has been harmonised with LPR legislation,” the press service said.

Earlier reports said that the Donbass Republics had been making efforts to synchronise their laws. In January 2018y, the DPR and LPR authorities signed a protocol of intent to promote closer economic cooperation and establish a common customs space.

Later on, they drew a road map on interaction in the customs and tax sectors and socio-economic partnership. On October 23, LPR Head Leonid Pasechnik said during this visit to Donetsk that the Republics planned to create a legal foundation for removing the customs barriers by the end of this year.*jk