Donetsk, Sep 4 - DAN. More than 60 wildfires have occurred in the Donetsk People’s Republic since early July 2020, the DPR Emergencies Ministry press service reported on Friday.

“The number of grass- and post-harvest crop residue fires has increased considerably,” the report said. “There have been 65 stubble fires on an area of over 600 hectares since July 2020, up 54 from last year.”

The main cause of fire is violation of safety rules when smoking in the field or burning stubble.

“Fire safety rules violators have been fined in Amvrosiyevka, Novoazovsk and Starobeshevo districts,” the Emergencies Ministry said.

Reports on Thursday said two people had been killed and nine houses had burnt down in a large fire in northeastern Makeyevka.*jk