Donetsk, Jan 29 – DAN. DPR 'Thirst for Laughter' Comedy Show comics are to launch a Youtube show Word Duel, said the project's coordinator Anton Molodetskiy.

"We have launched an interesting project in Donetsk, the Word Duel. Comics from the DPR, LPR, Donetsk region, etc can come face to face on its scene. No matter what a person does, he can come to the Duel to show his talents. First program is to be aired over the course of the next week on our Youtube channel."

The comedy battle will be recorded at the designated scene at the fourth floor of Donetsk City entertainment center. Molodetskiy said that local television could house the show too.

Earlier the 'Thirst for Laughter' Comedy Show announced plans for a joint program with DPR and Russian comics. *ot