Donetsk, Apr 23 – DAN. The DPR ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food has developed the program of DPR animal farming development until 2022, the document is under review, said the first deputy minister of agriculture Dmitry Konakov.

"Our Ministry is shifting to a programed and targeted management system in the agribusiness. The animal farming development program until 2022 has been developed in accordance with the current legislation and is being reviewed."

The goal is to boost milk and meat production to meet the local market demand and make the Republic less dependent on imports. The animal resources should reach 10,000 compared to the current 8,000 livestock; milk production should reach 20,000 tons per year; raising for meat should be at 1,250 tons.

Similar programs have also been developed for pork production, vegetables horticulture, and grain market.

One of the programs – Super Intense Apple Orchard – is already being implemented. *ot