Donetsk, Aug 16 - DAN. The fourth branch of the social rehabilitation centre “Hope for the Future” will open in Donetsk’s Kalininskiy district, the Donetsk People’s Republic Labour and Social Policy Ministry press service said on Thursday.

“The construction of the fourth branch of the social rehabilitation centre for disabled children has begun in Donetsk’s Kalininskiy district. Skilled teachers, psychologists, speech therapists, and physical medicine specialists will provide assistance to children,” the press service said.

The Ministry said that the building was being renovated; the work schedule and the layout had been approved and partial repairs and finishing had been carried out.

“As we were preparing the renovation plan, we tried to take into consideration the specifics of work with disabled children. We hope that they will find themselves in a comfortable environment after repairs,” the Ministry’s press service quoted the rehabilitation centre director Svetlana Kobzina as saying.

The two-storey building accommodates a hall and massage, speech therapy and rehabilitation rooms on the first floor. The second floor will offer quarters to applied art hobby groups for disabled persons aged 18 to 35. Acting DPR Labour and Social Police Ministry Larisa Tolstykina checked the renovation progress on Thursday. “We’ll do our best to hep complete the repairs on this building,” she said.*jk