Donetsk, Sep 23 — DAN. The Donbass future is in Russia’s hands is the prevailing position among Donetsk residents who have come to vote in the referendum.

Pensioner Nadezhda was one of the first to come to the polling place in the yard of her apartment building. She took part in the 2014 plebiscite hoping back then that Donbass would be a part of Russia.

“This day has come at last; I can hardly believe it, ” she said. “I’m Russian; all my relatives live in Russia, so I believe everybody understands my choice; I’ve been waiting for it since 2014.”

The Kalininsky district where Nadezhda lives came under Ukrainian army fire on Thursday, but this didn’t stop her from taking part in the vote.

“Of course, it’s scary to come out after all these attacks, but we must vote for the sake of the peaceful future of our region, ” the pensioner said.

Residents are informed about the arrival of commission members through loudspeaker. Some have already appreciated the advantages of this kind of voting where safety is the most important consideration.

“We are tired of this fear and shelling. The most frightening thing is the death of children. So we need Russia’s help and protection. It will save us, ” Donetsk resident Galina said.

On September 23-27, the Donetsk People’s Republic will hold the referendum on joining the Russian Federation. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia would support the decisions of residents of Donbass and the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions on their future which will be made at the referenda.*jk