Donetsk, Jan 28 - DAN. Ukrainian radicals’ proposal to tighten the economic blockade of Donbass along the lines of the Israeli strategy in Palestine is doomed to failure, head of the Central Executive Committee of the Donetsk Republic social movement Alexey Muratov told the Donetsk News Agency on Tuesday.

On December 27, a neo-Nazi leader, Azov regiment former commander Andrey Biletsky said in an interview with Radio NV that Ukraine had to use Israeli experience in dealing with Donbass. Biletsky called for backing out of the accords to disengage forces, returning the troops to their positions, shutting down the crossing points and stopping water and electricity supply to the Donbass Republics. He alleged that it would put pressure on the Republics’ authorities and make Donbass submit to Ukraine.

”This kind of proposal not only undermines confidence in Kiev’s negotiability and responsibility, but also shows the world Ukrainian politicians' complete ineptitude,” Muratov said.

The Republic has its own power generating capacities and is capable of fixing possible problems in the shortest possible time. Its market has been reoriented to Russia, and the stoppage of drinking water will also hit the population and companies in Kiev-controlled areas, he said.

“This populism is characteristic of all “Maidan” fosterlings; it is an absolute provocation showing Ukraine’s weakness,” the Donbass public representative said.

Earlier, Kiev called for implementing the so-called “Croatian scenario” in Donbass, i.e. reintegration of the region by seizing its territory by force and deporting the dissenters to Russia or to Ukraine’s central and western regions for “correction.” *jk