Donetsk, Jul 1 — DAN. Donetsk will switch to the Russian phone code later this month, city administration head Alexey Kulemzin said on Friday.

“In July 2022, the city phone code will change from +38 (062) to +7 (856), ” Kulemzin said.

In May, Russian phone code (+7) and regional code 949 were assigned to the subscribers of the republican mobile operator “Phoenix.”  The other part of the phone number matches the current numbers of home network users. The move eased access to the Russian Government Services portal and other Russian online services which request the user to fill in a Russian number during registration. Subscribers were recommended to keep the republican mobile operator numbers with the new code +7 in phone books and re-register on social media.

+7 is international code of customers from Russia and Kazakhstan. This format enables the caller to connect with people in these countries; + means international format of the number and 7 means the country code. A similar system functions in Abkhazia and South Ossetia.*jk