Donetsk, Jan 19 – DAN. Donetsk authorities plan to adapt city streets and state-owned organisations for disabled people, acting city administration head Aleksey Kulemzin told Donetsk News Agency on Thursday.

“New Life, a society of the disabled, requested us to make city streets more accessible for people with limited mobility, in the first place for wheelchair users and people with poor eyesight,” Kulemzin said.

“I suggested naming the project “Accessible City.” Streets and administration buildings will be adapted for people with mobility impairments,“ he added.

Chairman of the New Life society Yaroslav Lisobey said a team of ten disabled persons would test different city areas for accessibility during a year each weak, sending reports to Donetsk administration.

“Moving along some street areas is very difficult or impossible for people with limited mobility. A number of government organisations, pharmacies and shops have low accessibility standards,” Lisobey said. “Our objective is to make the city more accessible, not only for the disabled, but also for the elderly and parents with strollers.”

Wheelchair ramps will be built at public transport stops, pedestrian crossings and entrances to shops, pharmacies and administration buildings. Stairs and crossings will have bright markings for people with poor eyesight.

Donetsk residents in 1st and 2nd disability groups are entitled to free taxi ride in the city twice a month. The service was used 110 times last year. *jk