Donetsk, Jul 17 – DAN. The Donbass Choice campaign initiator Evgeniya Tertychnaya has sent letters to world leaders including the US, France, Germany and Russia leaders asking them to make Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky fulfill the peace agreements.

“Today I have sent letters to the guarantors of the Minsk Agreements, to those who patronized Ukrainian authorities all of these years, those who pledged to contribute to the peace and safety in Europe, to the US president, to the guarantors (Russia, France, Germany), to the EU and OSCE. We know how much influence they have on Ukrainian authorities and we ask them to make Vladimir Zelensky fulfill the Minsk Agreements,” Tertychnaya said.

She said her letter urged the international community to recognize the right of Donbass for a special status.
“To recognize the right of Donbass for treaty relations with Kiev, the right for self-defense, for integration with Russia, to speak Russian. We demand that the economic blockade is lifted, that war criminals – Poroshenko, Kolomoisky, Turchinov, Khomchak are sent to prison, that shelling stops and peace is reinstated in Donbass.”

“I shall write more. Until we get a result. Until the peace settles in.”

The Donbass Choice campaign was launched in May 2019. Its participants demand that Zelensky give a special status to Donbass, stop the shelling of the Republics, resume the payment of pensions to residents and recognise their right to integration with Russia. Residents can sign the petition on the action website and make social media posts hashtagged “ZelenskyRecogniseDonbassChoice.” *ot