Donetsk, Oct 5 – DAN. DAN News Agency editor-in-chief Roman Gromnyak gave the "Unannounced War" book of documentary photography as a present to Russian writer and politician Sergey Shargunov who is visiting Donetsk.

"Thank you for arriving in the DPR, for your comprehensive support. You must have been to the frontline and seen destruction, suffering of civilians. Please accept this unique photo album, the "Unannounced War", covering the crimes of Ukrainian armed forces in Donbass," Gromnyak said handing the book over to Shargunov.

"There are empty pages at the end of the book, if you like to write something."

"Thank you. This is a sad gift but an important one," Shargunov replied.

Russian deputy arrived in Donetsk to present his book "Our Own". The event is to take place tomorrow in the Donetsk National Economic and Trade University.

The "Unannounced War" photo book was presented in DAN News Agency in September. It covers the genocide of Donbass people perpetrated by Ukrainian authorities in 2014-2018. The annotations to illustrations are both in English and Russian, indicating where and when the photos of the Ukraine's aggression aftermath were taken. *ot