Donetsk, Sep 20 - DAN. Donetsk blacksmiths plan to produce an entirely new series of art objects in terms of techniques and design in the city Forged Figures Park the next few years. The first piece will be unveiled on September 21 in the course of the traditional blacksmith art festival, Donbass Blacksmiths Guild Secretary Yevgeny Lavrinenko told the Donetsk News Agency on Friday.

“The Forged Figures Park will display a series of entirely new figures designed along kinetic principles. Physics dictated one thing, and creativity another; together, they shaped  a concept for this series. The figures are brought together by this idea: Time.State.Fate which we will follow up in the years to come,” Lavrinenko said.

So far, the place for installing the figures has not been chosen because many factors are yet to be considered such as the viewing angle, wind rose etc. These figures might form an alley.

“The figure to be unveiled for the city’s jubilee on September 21 is just the beginning, a pilot project that will highlight our errors. The next figures might use other sources of energy beside wind power. The blacksmiths do all calculations themselves. They not only realised a new creative idea but also gained new specific experience,” the Donbass Blacksmiths Guild secretary said.

The Forged (Wrought Iron) Figures Park in Donetsk is located in the city’s Voroshilovskiy district. It was opened to the public in August 2001. Currently, it is the only Park of this format in Europe featuring 223 compositions, not counting small-size works.

Kinetic art is art that depends on the movement of an object or its parts. It is based on the idea that light and motion can lend new meanings to an artwork. It can be powered by wind or a motor producing unusual shadow-light patterns that sometimes generating sounds.*jk