Donetsk, Nov 20 – DAN. Mobile diagnostic center established following the initiative of the Republican Children's Clinic has made its first visits to DPR regions, the dean of the hospital Sergey Makov told DAN.

"We were inspired by our colleagues from Russian Orel city, as they are already running mobile diagnostic centers, showing good results and expanding the service coverage. This idea got support with the DPR Ministry of Health. The Republic provided finance and our hospital provided experts who have already made first visits outside Donetsk with the necessary medical equipment in our 'polyclinics on wheels'," he said.

The head of the mobile center Tatiana Kolomoets said medical brigades had visited Khartsizsk, Uglegorsk, Ulyanovskoye in Amvrosievskiy district.

"The brigades comprise ophthalmologists, cardiologists, surgeons, neurologists, otolaryngologists and other doctors. In small towns and rural areas we see the lack of children's doctors, and mobile centers will examine little patients and if necessary will assist in hospitalization," she explained.

Mobile centers can make 50 visits outside the city in a year, the hospital plans to examine 2,000 kids and provide instructions for their parents and teachers in such polyclinics, which can also transport children to the Republican Children's Clinic. *ot