Donetsk, Nov 21 – DAN. DPR Intelligence has obtained information on the British military experts arrival to Ukrainian-occupied Artyemovsk to prepare chemical attacks in the DPR north, said the head of the DPR People's Militia command press service Daniil Bezsonov.

"The Ukrainian side keeps trying to carry out a chemical attack in the DPR north. Our intelligence received data on the arrival of British experts to the positions of the 72nd brigade in Artyemovsk."

Some of the newcomers are members of the UK special forces.

Special units have also arrived to Dacha and Dzerzhinsk, 2 and 5 km from the contact line, equipped with individual protective gear and boxes marked ass chemical hazard,

"We do not exclude that since we foiled attack on Stirol plant Ukraine has been trying to stage chemical contamination in proximity to the contact line to prompt civilian evacuation."

The DPR People's Militia has called on the international community to "take every precaution" to thwart Kiev's plan that might hurt thousands civilians.

Earlier reports said that Kiev developed plan to carry out sabotage act at the Stirol plant to deflect DPR forces and penetrate the DPR territory. *ot