Donetsk, Jul 4 - DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic higher education centres reported some 8,500 applications during Intake 2019, an Education and Science Ministry department director Lyudmila Saprykina told a Rectors Council meeting on Thursday.

“As of today, DPR organisations of higher professional education received 8,450 applications from prospective students,” Saprykina said. “The figure was far more modest in the first week of the application season in previous years. We believe that the accreditation of our universities and its wide media coverage played a large role in attracting applicants, hence the optimistic figures.”

The meeting was attended by DPR deputy premier Vladimir Antonov, Education and Science minister Mikhail Kushkov, parliament deputy Natalia Volkova and DPR universities’ rectors.

Earlier reports on Thursday said that Donetsk National University would receive a certificate of accreditation from the Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Education and Science to issue Russian-style academic degree certificates.

M.Gorky Donetsk Medical University was accredited in Russia last autumn. In June 2019, Donbass National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture and Tugan-Baranovsky Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade met the Russian requirements for education programmes.

In 2019, DPR universities opened applications on June 24.*jk