Donetsk, Sep 4 - DAN. Water supply to the frontline Yelenovka settlement has been partially suspended due to pipe burst in the Kiev-controlled territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the DPR Construction, Housing and Public Utilities Ministry press service told the Donetsk News Agency on Friday.

The accident occurred in the Volnovakha district in Kiev-controlled territory. Repairs are being carried out by the Volnovakha branch of the Voda Donbassa water supply company.  The settlement currently has partial water supply.

Donetsk mayor Alexey Kulemzin said on his Telegram Channel that water tank trucks with drinking or technical water would be sent to the settlement if necessary.

Yelenovka had no stable water supply from August 10 through August 21. Initially it was caused by pipe burst in the DPR which was quickly repaired. The next accident occurred on the Ukrainian side with repairs lasting till August 21.

On Friday, the Yelenovka crossing point operated as humanitarian corridor between the DPR and Ukraine.*jk