Donetsk, Aug 14 – DAN. DPR resort Sedovo in Novoazovskiy district has already received nearly 55 thousand visitors from DPR, LPR and Russia this summer, said Sedovo township administration head Petr Svyatovets.

"In two and a half months of the summer our township was visited by about 55 thousand people, 20 thousand of them came from LPR and Russia. This year the number is lower than last year."

Svyatovets said the 20 hotels and private accommodations can accept 30 thousand tourists per month. Most popular hotels are Metallurg, Alye Parusa, Gelios, Kristall.

"The prices are average for the Republic. There is no over pricing typical for resorts. The weather is hot and the sea is warm."

Donetsk tour agencies said earlier that the number of tourists interested in Crimean resorts grew three times compared to the previous year. More than 50% of interviewed said they had chosen destinations outside DPR for their summer vacations, including Crimea and Krasnodar Krai in Russia.

Sedovo resort on Azov sea coast has been the most popular DPR domestic destination for three years, as local resorts are generally cheaper.

Last year 100,000 people visited Sedovo. Comfortable family stay there costs about 10,000 RUR per week or less. *ot