Donetsk, Jan 17 - DAN. Five children were killed in mine explosions in the Donetsk People’s Republic last year, DPR ombudswoman Darya Morozova’s office reported on Thursday.

“The mining of territory is one of the dangers an armed conflict entails. According to UN figures, a total of  7,000 square metres in Donbass were mined. Five children were killed in mine blasts in the DPR in 2018,” Morozova’s press service said.

On September 30, three children were killed and one was wounded in an anti-personnel mine explosion in Gorlovka as they were trying to cross the contact line in a zone closed to civilians. Another two adolescents were killed in a mine explosion in the Izotov Colliery area in Gorlovka on July 25.

The security subgroup put demining issues on the agenda of its meeting in the Belarussian capital on Thursday.*jk