Donetsk, Jan 21 - DAN. Two hundred and thirty-two new COVID-19 cases have been diagnosed in the Donetsk People’s Republic over the past 24 hours, the DPR Healthcare Ministry reported on Thursday.

“DPR medics have carried out 544 tests since Wednesday; 231 people tested positive and  one person showed clinical and epidemiological signs of COVID-19,” the report said. Thirty-seven patients have recovered and another 19 people have died over the designated period.

The DPR currently has 18,611 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 10,305 patients have recovered, 6,661 people continue in- or outpatient treatment and 1,645 have died, according to the latest reports.

Ukraine has reported 5,583 new COVID-19 cases since Wednesday; 1,177,621 people have got infected and 21,499 have died from complications in Ukraine since the beginning of the pandemic.*jk