Donetsk, Oct 25 - DAN. The International Integration Forum Russian World and Donbass: From Cooperation to Integration in Education, Science, Innovations and Culture gathered some 1,250 scientific papers from seven countries, Donetsk National University rector Svetlana Bespalova said at the Donetsk Reading 2018 conference.

“The forum programme includes 1,243 reports across 67 themes covering a broad range of fields. They were authored by researchers and young scientists from the Donetsk People’s Republic, the Lugansk People’s Republic, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Nicaragua and Uzbekistan,” Bespalova said.

She noted the significance of the current forum as a mirror reflecting the achievements of the Republic’s research teams.

On Thursday, the Donetsk National University hosted  the conference “Donetsk Reading 2018: Science, Innovations, Culture and Contemporary Challenges" at which DPR and Russian scientists presented their reports. Breakout sessions are due to take place on Thursday afternoon.

Prior to the forum, the submitted scientific papers were published in eight volumes numbering 3,300 pages overall.

The international four-day forum “Russian World and Donbass: from Cooperation to Integration” opened in Donetsk on October 23.*jk