Donetsk, Jan 24 - DAN. Some 1.3 million people visited Donetsk People’s Republic museums and theatres last year, DPR Culture Minister Mikhail Zheltyakov said on Thursday.

“To fully meet the population’s socio-cultural and spiritual needs, the Republic’s theatre and concert organisations ran more than 1,500 theatre productions and shows in 2018, attended by more than 900,000 viewers,” Zheltyakov said.

The number of museum visitors exceeded 400,000 last year. Over the designated period, DPR museums arranged 260 exhibitions, including 100 touring exhibitions, he added.

According to the Culture Ministry, the DPR currently operates 15 museums such as the Donetsk Republican Local History Museum, the Donetsk Republican Arts Museum, the Cosmonaut Georgiy Beregovoy Museum in Enakiyevo etc.*jk