Donetsk, Feb 7 – DAN. DPR authorities and scientists plan to launch the first continuous solid waste recycling facility in Debaltsevo located in vicinity of the contact line, the Industry and Trade Ministry press service told Donetsk News Agency on Tuesday.

“The Industry and Trade Ministry, jointly with the Donetsk State Research and Design Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals (DonNIPITsM) reached an accord to build the first continuous municipal solid waste recycling complex with a capacity of one tonne per day in Debaltsevo,” the Ministry said.

The Ministry said the facility will be set up within two months, its payback period is estimated at two or three months if equipment is placed in proximity to the waste dump.

The plans provide for useful substances recovery during disposal process.

“Closed loop solid waste recycling technology with useful components recovery, such as coke, pyrolysis liquid and pyrogas is the most promising research project of the Non-Ferrous Metals Institute,” it said.

DonNIPITsM engages in R & D in the field of scrap and precious metals recycling and studies physical and chemical properties and composition of raw materials and finished metal products. The Institute developed technologies to recycle car batteries, mercury arc lamps and other dangerous waste, as well as a technology to produce gas concrete, a cheap wall construction material containing recycled electronic circuit cards. Recycled products include gold and silver wire for radio electronic industry and jewellery-making and aluminium pipe welding wire and solder. *jk