Donetsk, May 24 — DAN. The Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) and the Donetsk National University (DonNU) are planning to sign a cooperation agreement to develop online programs, DonNU First Vice-Rector Valentina Dubrovina told reporters on Tuesday.

«Joint programs will enable our students to get a degree from the Moscow State University, ” Dubrovina said.

DonNU Rector Svetlana Bespalova is currently leading a university delegation which will discuss areas of cooperation with MSU officials at a two-day conference in Moscow. 

Joint programs are expected to be available starting the next academic year. Plans are in place for joint research, teacher advanced training and access to the MSU Computer Center for Donetsk scientists.

Founded in 1937, DonNU currently provides training to 15,000 students at 13 departments. 

MSU is one of Russia’s oldest and largest classic universities. It was established in 1755 and comprises 15 research institutes, 41 departments and six branches. It has a student body of some 40,000 and 10,000 foundation year students. *jk