Donetsk, Jul 25 — DAN. Doctors at Donetsk’s Central City Clinical Hospital No 6 have successfully performed surgery on a patient with a rare acute appendicitis case, the Donetsk People’s Republic Healthcare Ministry press service reported on Tuesday.

An 80--year old woman complained of painful right-sided groin proptosis, flushed skin and temperature increase. She was diagnosed with strangulated femoral hernia and rushed to a surgery unit, the press service said.

“Surgical intervention found destructive appendicitis in the hernia sac, an extremely rare presentation that that only occurs in 2 to 4 percent of all herniotomy cases. Appendicitis is mostly found in the inguinal hernia sac, with femoral, umbilical or incisional hernia accounting for just one-third of such cases, ” the press service quoted Central City Clinical Hospital No 6 surgeon Alexander Pere as saying.

The doctor had to change the surgery tactic in process and cut off the appendage without extra incision and then repair the femoral canal. The patient was discharged from hospital in satisfactory condition.

It is the first case of destructive appendicitis in femoral hernia observed in Donetsk, the Healthcare Ministry said.*jk