Sedovo settlement (Novoazovsky district), Aug 19 - DAN. The issue of connecting the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic to the Mir payment system can be raised in the Russian parliament, a Russian lawmaker said on Thursday.

“This payment system (“Mir” - eds Donetsk News Agency) was designed for Russia, our partners, allies and friends,” member of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots Artyom Turov told participants of the Sea-Forest youth forum in the Sedovo settlement in the DPR south.

Turov said that he intended to raise this issue at the Committee after the Russian parliamentary election.

Mir is a Russian national payment system. More than 100 plastic cards have been issued to Mir users since December 2015.  Mir payment cards are accepted in 11 countries: Turkey, Vietnam, Armenia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Cyrprus.*jk